Watch Dogs Is Going To London

Ubisoft’s Third Installment of It’s youngest franchise, Is going to be located in London, England. Watch Dogs After first arriving in Chicago, Then Tech Haven San Fransisco. Are we going to continue to battle Blume in London?  Will some other Tech Company rise up? New and interesting hacker crews? New Safe House? Yeah I’m hopeful we will get all of that, We may or May not hear about it this year at E3. Ubisoft are one of the best Publishers/Developers in the Industry, They have gotten things wrong before, The first Watch Dogs game was very lackluster, Assassins Creed: Unity probably the worst in the series. They have turned things around with Assassins Creed, with the recent entries of Origins, and Odyssey. Let’s hope some more Information gets out soon.


Could Anyone Take on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto

Let’s talk business coming from an Intellectual’s point of view, If a Studio would be ambitious and crazy enough to challenge Rockstar Games’s Grand Theft Auto Series it would need a Wildly large Budget, Extensive conections across the Gaming Industry, Directors, Writers, and Producers Experienced in the Open world genre of games.” If any Game product were or is to possibly challenge Grand Theft Auto, It would certainly require the Developmental power for the job.¬†Creatively nothing could possibly Emerge as a competitor, The Funding, Marketing, and even finding a Publisher, who normally funds the development, and own the rights to the game.¬†– My Opinion¬†

Many Different Analysts, Writers, and even the fans themselves would give their take on this issue, but I’m not even sure if this is even something that’s even been through or let alone possible.